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Camp Nerdly always holds a special place in my heart. The scenery is great. There are plenty of people I only get to see there. It has more opportunity for me to display my pitiful Frisbee skills than all other game conventions put together. This was our fourth Nerdly, and certainly the best one yet. […]

Philly Games Con was a good con, and both well-attended and well-run. Neither are to be taken for granted at a first year event.  I was impressed and would return again. Kudos to Dave and the Philly Games Con crew for a great debut.   Friday night, I got to play in a game of […]

Maelstrom 2015


So, Maelstrom 2015 was a very good time. It’s a small convention, emphasizing quality over quantity. As always, Avie and Vinny and the Double Exposure crew do a great job making everyone feel welcome. And this is the con where they just let the magic spontaneously happen. We didn’t arrive until later than I wanted, […]

Dreamation 2015


Dreamation is always phenomenal, and this year was no exception. The work that Vinny and Avie and the whole Double Exposure staff do to make the convention seamless is a wonder in its effectiveness and its invisibility. Thanks to each and every one. Now, here’s the fun I had: Thursday 8pm Event: *Kagematsu* “The Grand […]

Metatopia 2013


What a good, good convention Metatopia 2013 was. Despite the continual growth in size, the culture of critique and improvement has remained strong. While it’s never easy to talk about what parts of games aren’t working, almost everyone had a great attitude about both giving and receiving suggestions. Thanks to Vinny, Avie, and the tireless […]

Just got back from a tremendously, awesomely fun weekend at DEXCON! Many thanks to the wonderful Double Exposure staff who put on such a great show, as always. Due to holiday obligations, our convention started on Friday morning. During event signup, I had wanted to run an extra game to expand the schedule, but knew […]

Just to make the announcement all official-like: I will be re-designing, re-writing, and re-publishing With Great Power. The entire system will be redesigned to handle superheroic melodrama better than ever. The book will be completely rewritten with new aspects, sample characters and scenarios. My goal is to have the game ready for sale by DEXCON 2013. I […]

Scott Dunphy’s Story Shtick just started a three-part series on With Great Power… Check it out!

You can hear what Brennan Taylor and The Enny-Award-Winning Paul Tevis have to say about With Great Power… on The latest episode of The Voice of The Revolution.

Some folks on the NerdNYC boards just played With Great Power… With Great Power AP Report They have some of the coolest superheroes around. I particularly love Favorite Son!

Wow. Now that was a great convention! Dozens of events went off with barely a hitch to be found (at least that I heard about). Pick-up games and animated conversations scattered like snowflakes across several floors of the hotel. Double Exposure put on a great con, and the Indie Games Explosion was a great success!

Thanks to the bottomless ingenuity, dogged persistence, and tireless hard work of my wife, Kat, I will not be using Sorcerer as the engine for my By The Stars session on Friday. I’ll be using With Great Power… It will rock. Be ready.