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Just watched Shadow of the Vampire, a movie about an obsessive visionary director making the classic silent film Nosferatu. The twist is that the director has hired an actual vampire to pretend to be an actor playing the vampire. The movie was okay, but not great. A great deal of dramatic tension in the first […]

(suggested by judd_sonofbert) Kat’s doing some role-playing on IMVU. It’s a 3D chat site, and some people have crafted the rooms into fantasy taverns and the like. She was explaining that there’s a lot of people who have customized their avatars to look like elves or whatever, and they sit in the tavern and exchange […]

Cross-posted to my RPGtalk blog Been doing a bit of reading. There’s a trope in fantastic fiction that has deep roots. Many, many authors take great pains to assert that the fantastic events actually occured, and the papers have been entrusted to them through a definite series of exchanges as recounted in the Foreword, Introduction, […]