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I’m rereading +Judd Karlman’s Dictionary of Mu. I can probably count on my fingers the RPG setting books I actually like, and this one stands head and shoulders above them all. At its root, I’d say the best thing about the Dictionary is that it has a point, and it drives that point home like […]

Hey all, LiveJournal’s advertising is starting to get very intrusive. That coupled with the exodus of several friends has me thinking about moving my blog. Just a heads-up. Further updates as events warrant. And now, on with the show! #8 – Demon Creation from Sorcerer “Is your game balanced?” is a question you hear a […]

So I’m just starting up a Dictionary of Mu game over IRC, and in guiding my players through charcter creation, I want to give them examples of names to use. So I flip through the book, and there’s TONS of place-names, and approx. 3 people-names. IIRC, there’s the omnipresent Oghma son of Oghma, Nimrote, the […]