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My head cold is just as bad now as it was when I arrived at Dreamation, but I feel a whole lot better. After one of the most trying months of my life, we managed to make it through the wilds of New Jersey on Friday night, with barely an hour to spare. I ran […]

Maybe so many years of really, really great years at Origins set the bar too high. Maybe the staff and software changes at GAMA came too late to be truly integrated into convention management. Maybe the stars were just wrong. Whatever the reason, Origins 2010 was plagued with numerous drawbacks and pitfalls. On the whole, the people made for a positive experience, but I was left wondering if we’ll return next year.

Last night, I spoke with Clyde on his cool podcast, Theory from the Closet. He let me ramble on for the better part an hour about Serial Homicide Unit, Discernment, and related topics. Give it a listen and let me know what you think!

Due to the increase in intrusive advertising and other technical issues, I’ll be leaving LiveJournal for the greener pastures of WordPress. My new blog is Multitudinous Seas. I’ll be posting updates here at least through the 10 Favorite Mechanics series, but eventually I’ll be posting over there exclusively. I have the day off work Monday […]

The only time I can recall online discussion of a game of mine making me smile was an ancient thread that called FVLMINATA the “worst initiative system of all time.” I relished the fact that I had outraged someone’s (several people’s, actually) sensibilities. I’m a moderate at heart. I’m not in-your-face. I’m not offensive. […]

Gerald Cameron posted a review of SHU on Game Cryer I LOVE it when people grok what we were aiming for. It’s thought-provoking and well-written. Check it out!

DEXCON 12 was only half a con for me, due to my inability to get any time off from work. It was a good time, but I couldn’t seem to get up a head of steam that would have made it a great time.

It’s about an hour and half since we arrived home from Origins 2009. I sit here with more caffiene than blood in my veins and try to unwind enough to go to bed. It was a great con. Attendance looked light, but the folks that were there had a good time. Here’s my high points […]

The audio demo of Serial Homicide Unit is now available here. Russell Collins, our esteemed narrator, has produced a brilliantly atmospheric and informative demo that is FULLY PLAYABLE. The recorded instructions are a bit longer than 7 minutes. They provide step-by-step instructions for playing a brief demo of Serial Homicide Unit. The demo is provided […]

I just listened to the upcoming free demo of Serial Homicide Unit. Again, Russell Collins has used his vocal and musical talents to drive the dread of our game right up your ears and into your brain. Look for it to be available for download on Monday.

Well, now that the nasty stomach bug I picked up on Sunday (the only bad thing about Dreamation 2009) is finally behind me, I can recap my con experience.

View with awe the sight that greeted me as I came home tonight: Guess who’s going to be collating this week? With a massive grin on his face?

Paul and Brennan of Voice of the Revolution have reviewed Serial Homicide Unit in their latest episode. Their observations are insightful and enlightening, as always. It’s always gratifying when someone else understands what we’re aiming for in a game design. Thanks to Paul and Brennan for giving the game their thorough scrutiny. Give it a […]

Per Fischer, Jason Dockins, and Ludanto have started a play-by-post game of Serial Homicide Unit. It kicks off in this thread. They’ve nearly finished their first round of civilian scenes, and the game is quite interesting. The profile they’ve chosen is “grade school teachers” and I’m anxious to see what they come up with.

For a limited time, you can preorder the physical edition of Serial Homicide Unit at a special rate. The final retail price will be $25.00 plus shipping fees. From now through January 31, 2009, you can preorder this game for only $20.00 including shipping (US shipments only). In addition, you will get the electronic edition […]

I got an e-mail from a gamer in Mexico (isn’t the Internet cool?) asking about Serial Homicide Unit. He wanted to know whether it was like a Choose Your Own Adventure book. I’m still getting used to talking about the game. This was my response: Thanks for your interest. Serial Homicide Unit is not very […]

The electronic edition of Serial Homicide Unit is now available at Indie Press Revolution. The electronic edition sells for $15.00 and includes: 14 audio files in .mp3 format that explain the rules of the game as you play. A PDF of the complete script used to create the audio files. PDFs of all forms needed […]

I’ve got the proof of Serial Homicide Unit in my hands. It needs a few tweaks, but on the whole, it looks good. We won’t be able to ship physical copies before the end of the year, but January 15 looks VERY likely. Yay! Preorders will open in the next week. There was lots of […]

Here is the cover for Serial Homicide Unit. With a little luck, I’ll be able to start shipping these before the calendar says “2009.” More details on preorders to come!

The Serial Homicide Unit playtest period is closed. Thanks to all of you who requested playtest materials, whether you playtested or not. My most extreme gratitude to those who playtested the game and gave us greatly useful feedback. Serial Homicide Unit will be a far better game because of it. It will also be a […]