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Anyone wondering why Kat and I were so tense and non-committal at Dreamation, and the last few weeks, should read Kat’s explanation. She says it better than I could. The brief version is: Things are looking up! Summer cons (Origins, Dexcon, Gencon) here we come!

Five years ago today, Kat and I became parents when Dalys came to live with us full-time. We’re having a little family cake-and-ice-cream kind of party. She gets teased a bit because she gets so many of these throughout the year: her birthday, her move-in day, her name day (the day the adoption became official). […]

Some people get all worked up about turning 30. For me, it came and went without incident. But today I turn 33. And for the past week, I’ve had these niggling, gnawing thoughts in the back of my brain. Jesus Christ had planted the seeds of a world religion by the time he was thirty-three. […]