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Today is traditionally observed as the date when William Shakespeare was born, and died. We’ll be celebrating the occasion fittingly by attending a performance of Twelfth Night at the Curio Theatre in Philadelphia. It’s a steampunk-themed interpretation, and pre-production photos are available here. What are you doing to observe Bard’s Day, or World Book and […]

Rip Van Winkle


A few days before Christmas and I’ve just started looking at indie RPG sites again. I feel like I’m waking up after a long hibernation. My eyes still sting at the light of day, but I glimpse int blurry wonderment that the world still exists outside the frigid cave where I’ve been sleeping. What have […]

Our town’s annual Halloween parade was canceled due to weather. So, we all got together and carved some of the 13 pumpkins that I bought. The rest will be carved tomorrow, on Halloween itself. Here’s the pics!

It can’t be August 12 already, can it? I packed up a bunch of Serial Homicide Unit and sent them off to GenCon with Michele. I hope everyone has a great con. Last year I was happy to get away from the stress of the big GenCon trip. This year I’m missing the opportunity to […]



My Pappy–my father’s father–passed away in 1998. I think about him now and then, but not too often recently. He worked at a slate quarry and lived on a few acres out in the country with two ponds (big enough to swim in) he had built himself. Last night I remembered that for many years […]

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Halloween 2008


It’s that time of year again. We did our annual Halloween party & pumpkin carving night. It actually falls on Halloween.

It was cool this morning when I took my walk. The east was still orange with sunrise, and a flock of Canadian geese flew overhead. They were low enough that in between their joyous honks, I could hear their feathers slicing through the morning breeze. It sounded like a whisper of profound secrets in a […]

It’s the Wednesday before GenCon. For the past nine years, that has meant planning and packing and driving (and driving and driving) and hauling and rush, rush, rush! But this year we’re not going. It’s the first time since 1998 (ack! Last century!) that we’ll be reading about the big show as bystanders. I’ll miss […]

Been playing FreeRice: If you don’t know about it, it’s a vocabulary game that donates rice to the UN World Food Program every time you get a right answer. I generally hover around levels 42 and 43. There are 60 levels. Which just go that I like big words, but could stand to learn a […]

Well, being a father to a high school senior ain’t easy. There’s colleges to apply to, prom dresses to buy, driving skills to teach, and senior portraits to obtain. We did that last one last week. A sample’s below. The rest can be found at Kat’s Photobucket page

I never developed a taste for coffee. (UnAmerican of me, I know.) But every now and then I’ll have a crappy night’s sleep and need a caffiene-boost. Sodas laden with high fructose corn syrup or artificial sweeteners threaten to aggrevate my gout, so I picked up some chocolate-covered coffee beans. I can eat one of […]

A brief update


This past weekend was my birthday. My sneaky, sneaky wife planned a surprise party for me on Saturday. She even tricked me into cleaning up the house and mowing the lawn in preparation for my own party! So tricksy the wifey! For those interested, I’ll be at the Nittany Game Invasion in beautiful State College, […]

Pumpkin Time!


We always carve some pumpkins for Halloween. I hollowed out 9 pumpkins on Friday, although only 7 got carved. I thought I might share a few of them.

Career thing


Top 40 careers for me

A dream crushed


Quick note: If whoever made the anonymous comment on my last BTS entry could identify themselves, I’d appreciate it. There’s a tiny, little video rental and coffee shop a few blocks from my house. I’d call it a “mom and pop” style store, but Rose is a single mom, so that doesn’t quite fit. Expresso […]

Got zapped with another flare-up of gout. Very painful. It’s been 2 years since my first attack. I’ve been reacting to stress poorly for a while now, including sliding off my low-meat diet. Now I pay the price.



It’s Thursday and I logged 44 hours at work this week. Luckily, that’s the last workday this week. And next. I’ve got TEN DAYS OFF!!! We’ll be camping, so e-mail response, etc. will be spotty. Call me if anything’s urgent!

I just finished 2 hours of snowblowing. It was our first real storm of the season and work was cancelled. That means, of course, that tomorrow will be extra hellacious with a side of torture, but that’s tomorrow. I’ve always liked the snow. I got in arguments in college because I refused to complain about […]