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Metatopia 2014


I think this was the best time I’ve had at Metatopia yet, and that’s saying quite a bit. Many thanks to Avie and Vinny and our hard-working hospitable hosts from Double Exposure for making this amazing gathering possible. *With Great Power* My first moments at the convention were the first playtest of my newly-revised kappa […]

METATOPIA was this weekend. I was skeptical before we went. By the time we left, I was a convert. This was a great convention, and I had a lot of fun! For us, the convention started on Saturday morning, running late as usual. Bill White’s “The New World” was also running a bit late, so […]

Thanks to all who suggested names. Kat and I have been suggesting several of them, plus ones of our own creation, to one another over the weekend. The current front-runner is: “Serial Homicide Unit: Hunting the Hunters” I like it. It’s a simple, direct name for a simple, direct game. But, what do you think? […]

I sent out the material for the final playtest of Serial this morning. I’ve had several volunteers from new friends and old who have never played the game before. They’ve offered to print out the forms, listen to the audio, and let me know how well this format teaches the game. Getting help is truly […]

Cross-posted at my RPGtalk blog. Somebody’s always got to be late to the party. Oh well. In trying to catch up on the last few weeks in blog-land, I came across Troy Costisick posting about his design process on his Socratic Design blog. I’m thinking about my own design process a lot at the moment, […]