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Back from yet another another amazing Dreamation. Massive thanks to Vinny, Avie and the whole Double Exposure crew, as always, for making such a fantastic environment to play in. And thanks to all the GMs, volunteers, and players who brought their staggeringly awesome creative might to bear on the snowy expanses of New Jersey. Thursday […]

Camp Nerdly was a wonderful, awesome time this year. So very, very glad we went. Much thanks to all I played with, chatted with, or just smiled at. All of you reminded me why we do this thing called “play.” It’s been a while since I played. Nearly none since Dreamation three months ago. So […]

Mauro Ghibo just translated my essay “A Manifesto on Mastery” into Italian, available here. I think that’s the third or fourth language for the Manifesto. Pretty cool!

I’m going to be blogging about ten game mechanics that I think are cool and why they enhance the game they’re in. The list is my personal preference, and I’m restricting it to games I’ve actually played in and seen the mechanic in action. The “countdown” structure is not meant to show preference for #1 […]


Very, very busy week last week. Started off with recovering from Southern Exposure, only to find that Carl had reviewed WGP on He’s was very complimentary, and there was no real fire in the discussion thread, which I kinda screwed up anyway. But there was a small spike in orders, so it’s all good. […]

Picking up Saturday afternoon. My mood was much improved after the morning’s WGP game. I was keen to play in Scott’s Sorcerer scenario, as I had run Sorcerer for him two years ago. I believe he had a full four players signed up, so I hung out with Luke waiting to see if there would […]