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I’m enjoying the interface here on WordPress. I’ve been meaning to create an Actual Play and Review page for With Great Power… for a few years now. This morning, I made it in about an hour.

Due to the increase in intrusive advertising and other technical issues, I’ll be leaving LiveJournal for the greener pastures of WordPress. My new blog is Multitudinous Seas. I’ll be posting updates here at least through the 10 Favorite Mechanics series, but eventually I’ll be posting over there exclusively. I have the day off work Monday […]

The internet is beginning to think I abandoned it. Quick survey: Is it better to post nothing, or to post about my inability to write?

It has begun…


I’ve been thinking about getting a LiveJournal for a while now. What cinched it this time was reading The Book of Judd. Judd’s simple, declaritive sentences have a power and vividness to them that I envy. Y’see, I just spent four months wrasslin’ with the words for With Great Power… It wasn’t too much game […]