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METATOPIA was this weekend. I was skeptical before we went. By the time we left, I was a convert. This was a great convention, and I had a lot of fun! For us, the convention started on Saturday morning, running late as usual. Bill White’s “The New World” was also running a bit late, so […]

Ubercon 2009


We’re back from Ubercon 2009. It was a great, low-stress convention. Well, low-stress once we managed to find the place! New Jersey traffic patterns were as inscrutable as ever. Friday night, I ran Mouse Guard for four great players. One had read the game, but it hadn’t quite clicked in his head. Two were very […]

I’m scheduled to run Mechaton at Ubercon this weekend. But it’s scheduled in the role-playing room, so I felt I should do what I could to add RPG elements to the wargame. Here’s my notes-in-progress. All comments welcome, including “Cool idea,” “Lame idea,” and “Happy Birthday.”