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A follow-up to yesterday’s Dreamation discussion. I just posted this to the Forge thread discussing the new Dreamation policies: Just this morning, I was thinking what games I might possibly run at the con. I thought “I like running Ganakagok, but I’m not sure I’d want to run it twice. Maybe Bill White’s in the […]

Everyone who’s thinking about attending Dreamation and offering to run games should read this thread on the Forge. Vinny is soliciting comments on some new policies that will be in place for the convention. I think these are the building blocks of an even better Indie Games Explosion in the future!

The registrations deadline for DEXCON 12 is nearly here. See Kat’s LJ entry for all the details. Kat’s in charge of the IGE this time. I’ve worked several 55 hour weeks this month, and there’s no sign of it letting up. Back to the grindstone…

Now available at Cafe Press are Indie Games Explosion T-Shirts! Dreamation 2009 kicks off the fifth year of Indie Games Explosions. We’ve grown from a stretched-thin 24 events at Dreamation 2005 to a whopping 103 events this year! Order yours soon so you can wear it to the con! FRONT From Indie Games Explosion Logo […]

Looks like a-more-demanding-than-expected holiday season have gotten the better of Kat and my schedule-discipline. We’re extending the deadline until Wednesday, January 7 for all events to be in to us. For all those who’ve sent questions, we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

I’ve got the proof of Serial Homicide Unit in my hands. It needs a few tweaks, but on the whole, it looks good. We won’t be able to ship physical copies before the end of the year, but January 15 looks VERY likely. Yay! Preorders will open in the next week. There was lots of […]