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It’s the Wednesday before GenCon. For the past nine years, that has meant planning and packing and driving (and driving and driving) and hauling and rush, rush, rush! But this year we’re not going. It’s the first time since 1998 (ack! Last century!) that we’ll be reading about the big show as bystanders. I’ll miss […]

Well … I’m back. I played hard. I worked hard. I had a great show. I’ve got to do this brain-dump before I head back to work tomorrow and Real Life seizes me by the throat. Here’s what I did.

What I’ve Got


I’ve got 200 freshly-printed copies of With Great Power… in the trunk of my car. I’ve got between 2 and 3 dozen boxes of IPR game books in my garage. I’ve got a reservation for a rental minivan to pick up tomorrow evening. I’ve got an feeling in my gut that’s a mix of excitement […]