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Since I’m working on the new dice system for With Great Power, this kind of stuff is on my mind. Just looking at dice systems, most of them have certain “points of articulation” like an action figure. Places where inputs from the fiction or from player decisions can affect the probability of the roll. One […]



A week of ups and downs, but my game chef entry is finally done: Exiles of Will is away. Here’s the intro: The glories of the canon are past, but five wandering characters live on. Although their plays have finished, and their epilogues have been spoken, some characters have still not found peace. They have […]

Just watched Shadow of the Vampire, a movie about an obsessive visionary director making the classic silent film Nosferatu. The twist is that the director has hired an actual vampire to pretend to be an actor playing the vampire. The movie was okay, but not great. A great deal of dramatic tension in the first […]

Vincent is drilling into the nitty-gritty of how Points of Contact work over on anyway. In his most recent post, he calls attention to the “moment of judgment” that is required when providing mechanical teeth to wholly fictional input. In most traditional games, this often applies when the GM hands out situational modifiers for tactics, […]

I just submitted a game for Little Game Chef. I hadn’t planned on entering, but I had a few nearly-sleepless nights this week, and a weird, geeky little game flowed out of me. It’s 110% derivative. I don’t think there’s an original bone in its tiny, 2-page body. The contest is anonymous, so I won’t […]

So, we’ve been playing a lot of 4th edition. I mean A LOT. Something like twelve sessions in the last eight weeks. For someone who hadn’t played an RPG at home for something like six months, and only sporadically for more than a year before that, this is is a whiplash-inducing change of pace. I’ve […]

(suggested by judd_sonofbert) Kat’s doing some role-playing on IMVU. It’s a 3D chat site, and some people have crafted the rooms into fantasy taverns and the like. She was explaining that there’s a lot of people who have customized their avatars to look like elves or whatever, and they sit in the tavern and exchange […]

Cross-posted at my RPGtalk blog. Somebody’s always got to be late to the party. Oh well. In trying to catch up on the last few weeks in blog-land, I came across Troy Costisick posting about his design process on his Socratic Design blog. I’m thinking about my own design process a lot at the moment, […]