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Ten weeks already? Time sure does fly. And oh, what a stressful time it’s been, both at home and at work. My apologies if I’ve been neglecting anyone online. I haven’t been to the Forge in weeks. However, the nature of the stress has changed, I have actually been able to make some notes this […]

Another week without progress. Last week I said that the foster care system had been treating us like a yo-yo. This week the string broke and the yo-yo shattered on the ground. We’re not going to be able to adopt the little girl we expected to. We were stunned and depressed and game design seemed […]

Those of you following from the beginning will recall me saying that there’d be some weeks when I reported absolutely no progress. This week’s free time took its blows from work and family obligations. Kat’s been sick and the foster care system has been playing with us like a yo-yo, increasing the general level of […]

It’s been a heck of a week here in my head! I feel more like crowing than confessing today. Nevertheless: Forgive me, Foresworn, for I am psyched! It’s been one week since my last confession. My goals for last week were to prep and run the playtest session at Southern Exposure. To prep for that […]



I took Foresworn’s resolution system for a little spin with Kat and Michele last night. It was … insightful. The parts I thought would be fun weren’t. There was a tiny glimmer of potential fun in a part I never suspected. The whole thing crashed and burned in less than an hour. For an initial […]

Work is bad. What else is new? Several poor nights’ sleep have also taken their toll. Although it’s not progressing fast, it is progressing. Forgive me, Foresworn, for I am a snail. It has been one week since my last confession. My goal for the previous week was: Write up a five-character space opera scenario. […]

The project at work that was keeping me there so long a few weeks ago returned on Wednesday demanding tribute in the form of hours. It’s supposed to be back for 3 days of the coming week, also. I’m not exactly swimming in time these days. Thus: Forgive me, Foresworn, for I have slipped. It’s […]

Whole bunch of jumbled, disorganized stuff to throw out there. Watch out for the mess. I read Dictionary of Mu this week. Probably the greatest setting book I’ve ever read. Why? Not primarily for its red, testosterone-soaked sands and evocative prose (although Marr’d is definitely chest-beatingly cool and the prose does say more in a […]

It’s been a tough week here in my head. I very nearly shelved Foresworn this week. I debated how much of this struggle to put online, and reminded myself of the three reasons I’m doing these confessions out in front of God and everybody: To get me to the keyboard every week. Motivating myself is […]

I worked more than 55 hours this week. Plus the standard “taking care of the family” obligations. And my temptress of a wife is upstairs saying “there’s a retelling of Taming of the Shrew on BBC America.” These are the things that stand between me and a finished game. But the overtime is the truly […]

I’ve been thinking about what I’ve commited myself to: Reporting on my progress week after week. It brings flashbacks of my Catholic boyhood. And thus: Forgive me, Foresworn, for I have slacked. This is my first confession. In the past week I have: Announced my intention to design and publish Foresworn Devised a schedule of […]

I heard so many exciting little bits of stuff at GenCon. One that stuck with me was someone (I forget who) complimenting Luke on how good Dictionary of Mu looks. Luke’s response was something like this: “I didn’t do anything. All I did was send Judd an e-mail every week asking how it was going. […]