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Over on Google Plus, James Stuart asked about the history of the IGX. I started typing, and I wanted to preserve it somewhere that I wouldn’t lose it.¬† Holy smokes, how much detail do you want? Most importantly, how much detail do I want to write? *Prehistory* The IGE did not leap fully formed from […]

My head cold is just as bad now as it was when I arrived at Dreamation, but I feel a whole lot better. After one of the most trying months of my life, we managed to make it through the wilds of New Jersey on Friday night, with barely an hour to spare. I ran […]

For months and months, I’ve been somebody else. A troubled, heartsick, disgusted, frustrated, isolated, curmudgeonly version of me. Not every day, but more often than not. And for the last four days, I had a chance to take off that heavy, confining suit, and put on a better skin–to be a better version of me. […]

Well, now that the nasty stomach bug I picked up on Sunday (the only bad thing about Dreamation 2009) is finally behind me, I can recap my con experience.

The Dreamation master schedule is up! The events that Kat and I are running are as follows: R143: Mouse Guard; “The Pirates of Rustleaf Temple” by Michael Miller. An INDEPENDENTLY PUBLISHED GAME from Archaia Studios Press – Part of the Indie Games Explosion! Mouse Guard is mice with swords! The autumn shipments from Rustleaf have […]

Looks like a-more-demanding-than-expected holiday season have gotten the better of Kat and my schedule-discipline. We’re extending the deadline until Wednesday, January 7 for all events to be in to us. For all those who’ve sent questions, we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

Where to start in summing up my experience at this year’s Dreamation? The biggest change was that Kat and I weren’t in charge of anything other than running our own games. That was very, very nice. The second biggest was the new hotel. It had lots of pluses (easier to navigate the area; lots of […]

Friday evening I playtested Mouse Guard with Luke Crane, Russell Collins, and Luke’s friend Bob. I played Albrecht, and brown, low-ranking mouse with a white cloak. He was a cautious, conniving weather watcher. I love how both here and in Burning Empires the strict limits of how many rolls you can make focuses gameplay on […]