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Look at me. I’m positively a posting fool today! I just started a thread in the First Thoughts forum at the Forge about a game idea I hope to be working on in the near future. I’d appreciate any input: Making the epic of history come alive

I’ve got a game idea kicking around in my head. Nothing may come of it. But if it does, it will use … dice! Of course, it will need dice that do funky things. Specifically, the dice need to have a probability curve that looks like a capital-M, or two camel humps. The extreme results […]

I’ve been fitting in a little face-to-face gaming with Kat and Michele. Since mid-November we’ve done half-a-dozen sessions. Most of them last less than 2 hours, but they’re quite enjoyable. Since we’ve been out of practice, we’re falling back on our comfort zone game/source material: Buffy the Vampire Slayer. We’ve crossed this with our affection […]