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Since I’m working on the new dice system for With Great Power, this kind of stuff is on my mind. Just looking at dice systems, most of them have certain “points of articulation” like an action figure. Places where inputs from the fiction or from player decisions can affect the probability of the roll. One […]

#7 – The Four Roles from D&D 4th edition For decades, if level was king of Dungeons and Dragons, then class was the power behind the throne. Cleric. Fighter. Magic User. Thief. What you could do in the world was sharply circumscribed* by what class you chose. Magic Users had to study their spellbooks. Thieves […]

I’ve taking over DMing duties for our Sunday D&D game. I noticed that all of the PCs, except for two, had 2 magic items apiece. So before the last session, I had those players browse the books and choose a magic item that they wanted. I said I would put it in that day’s scenario […]

I had this dream about running a variant of D&D 4th edition. Instead of fighting monsters to gain treasure and glory. You were fighting Hollywood movie executives to get your movie made and into theaters. It was like D&D meets The Player. It had classes, and all the same powers and whatnot, just reskinned for […]

I’ll be posting a little more about our D&D game this week. Kat did an awesome thing in yesterday’s game. She inserted an encounter in Keep on the Shadowfell and gave the thing TEETH. Here’s the setup: We’ve done two encounters in a row, and the entire party has used its daily powers. But, we’ve […]

So, we’ve been playing a lot of 4th edition. I mean A LOT. Something like twelve sessions in the last eight weeks. For someone who hadn’t played an RPG at home for something like six months, and only sporadically for more than a year before that, this is is a whiplash-inducing change of pace. I’ve […]

… I would evidently play D&D 4th edition with them on the way down. I gotta admit that being an “indie guy” playing the most commercial RPG out there, gives me little twinges of feeling like a sellout. But, it’s very much a “System Matters” game, to its core. Plus, fun play is better than […]