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Okay, so my #maelstrom2014 post is a week late. It’s been a busy week. The convention was a good time, as always. Many thanks to Avie and Vinny and the incredible Double Exposure staff for making it happen. I launched three games and played in two. *Vast & Starlit*Friday night I was full of nervous […]

Metatopia 2013


What a good, good convention Metatopia 2013 was. Despite the continual growth in size, the culture of critique and improvement has remained strong. While it’s never easy to talk about what parts of games aren’t working, almost everyone had a great attitude about both giving and receiving suggestions. Thanks to Vinny, Avie, and the tireless […]

Since I’m working on the new dice system for With Great Power, this kind of stuff is on my mind. Just looking at dice systems, most of them have certain “points of articulation” like an action figure. Places where inputs from the fiction or from player decisions can affect the probability of the roll. One […]

Just watched Shadow of the Vampire, a movie about an obsessive visionary director making the classic silent film Nosferatu. The twist is that the director has hired an actual vampire to pretend to be an actor playing the vampire. The movie was okay, but not great. A great deal of dramatic tension in the first […]

Mauro Ghibo just translated my essay “A Manifesto on Mastery” into Italian, available here. I think that’s the third or fourth language for the Manifesto. Pretty cool!

Today is traditionally observed as the date when William Shakespeare was born, and died. We’ll be celebrating the occasion fittingly by attending a performance of Twelfth Night at the Curio Theatre in Philadelphia. It’s a steampunk-themed interpretation, and pre-production photos are available here. What are you doing to observe Bard’s Day, or World Book and […]

I’m enjoying the interface here on WordPress. I’ve been meaning to create an Actual Play and Review page for With Great Power… for a few years now. This morning, I made it in about an hour.

Mulling over events to run for Origins. Seriously considering running the classic FVLMINATA scenario “Weekend at Burnius.” Thoughts?

Thinking out loud about a Victorian age Buffy the Vampire Slayer game using the Mouse Guard rules over here.

Rip Van Winkle


A few days before Christmas and I’ve just started looking at indie RPG sites again. I feel like I’m waking up after a long hibernation. My eyes still sting at the light of day, but I glimpse int blurry wonderment that the world still exists outside the frigid cave where I’ve been sleeping. What have […]

I’m scheduled to run Mechaton at Ubercon this weekend. But it’s scheduled in the role-playing room, so I felt I should do what I could to add RPG elements to the wargame. Here’s my notes-in-progress. All comments welcome, including “Cool idea,” “Lame idea,” and “Happy Birthday.”

Our town’s annual Halloween parade was canceled due to weather. So, we all got together and carved some of the 13 pumpkins that I bought. The rest will be carved tomorrow, on Halloween itself. Here’s the pics!

The internet is beginning to think I abandoned it. Quick survey: Is it better to post nothing, or to post about my inability to write?

I’ve taking over DMing duties for our Sunday D&D game. I noticed that all of the PCs, except for two, had 2 magic items apiece. So before the last session, I had those players browse the books and choose a magic item that they wanted. I said I would put it in that day’s scenario […]

A follow-up to yesterday’s Dreamation discussion. I just posted this to the Forge thread discussing the new Dreamation policies: Just this morning, I was thinking what games I might possibly run at the con. I thought “I like running Ganakagok, but I’m not sure I’d want to run it twice. Maybe Bill White’s in the […]

It can’t be August 12 already, can it? I packed up a bunch of Serial Homicide Unit and sent them off to GenCon with Michele. I hope everyone has a great con. Last year I was happy to get away from the stress of the big GenCon trip. This year I’m missing the opportunity to […]



My Pappy–my father’s father–passed away in 1998. I think about him now and then, but not too often recently. He worked at a slate quarry and lived on a few acres out in the country with two ponds (big enough to swim in) he had built himself. Last night I remembered that for many years […]

The registrations deadline for DEXCON 12 is nearly here. See Kat’s LJ entry for all the details. Kat’s in charge of the IGE this time. I’ve worked several 55 hour weeks this month, and there’s no sign of it letting up. Back to the grindstone…

I had this dream about running a variant of D&D 4th edition. Instead of fighting monsters to gain treasure and glory. You were fighting Hollywood movie executives to get your movie made and into theaters. It was like D&D meets The Player. It had classes, and all the same powers and whatnot, just reskinned for […]