With Great Power: The Relaunch


Just to make the announcement all official-like: I will be re-designing, re-writing, and re-publishing With Great Power. The entire system will be redesigned to handle superheroic melodrama better than ever. The book will be completely rewritten with new aspects, sample characters and scenarios.

My goal is to have the game ready for sale by DEXCON 2013. I have an editor and a cover artist on-board. We all have a big challenge ahead of us. But the result will be stunning. Watch this space for updates as the game takes shape.

19 Responses to “With Great Power: The Relaunch”

  1. 1 Kris

    Woot! Let me go get my speech baloon!

  2. 2 juliusz

    Now that’s a cool news!

  3. Mike, I am very happy to hear you’re working on a new edition of the game. Please let me know if there are any opportunities to playtest the new edition, as my local group are all fans of the game.

  4. 5 Lisa Padol

    Great news!

  5. 6 Simon Pettersson

    Sweet! WGP is a game that I love but always fail with. I’ve played it three or four times and every time it started off awesome and then fizzled. Trying to make a post mortem, I always realized I’d gotten some rule wrong and I thought to myself “Ah, so THAT’s how you should do it!”, only to fail again the next time. So here’s hoping a new edition will be presented in a way that my poor brain can comprehend. 🙂

    • Simon, thanks so much for your perseverance! Sorry the first edition caused you such frustration.

      Is it possible that you remember any of the particulars that tripped you up? Even if those rules aren’t in the new edition, I’d like to zero in on how I expressed them in the first edition, so that I can avoid that style. If you can remember any of, post here or shoot me an e-mail to my gmail account: stalwartIP


      • 8 Simon Pettersson

        I really want to help, but me memories are vague on those points. It was a couple of years ago and I no loger own the game. I’ll think about it, but I suspect I can’t be of much use here. All the same, I’m super excited about this new edition, becuase I still believe in WGP. I’ve often said it has the best character creation system I’ve encountered.

  6. 9 John McMullen

    I’m thrilled that you’re going to do it. I decided to try With Great Power, went searching—only to discover that I had found its name and made the decision after it went out of print. Now I will get to try it.

    If there are playtesting opportunities for someone with no experience with the system, think of me. (Hey, when the desired trait is ignorance, I can’t be beat!)

  7. I’m looking forward to it too! Good luck with taking a second bite of the apple.

  8. Late to this news, but I\’m super excited about it! I introduced my friends to WGP… a year or so ago and we thought it was a hoot. I, too, would be very interested in playtesting (and if you need an extra heroic illo or two, I invite you to give me a holler).


  9. 14 Brian

    I’m delighted to see this news. I only heard about WGP after it had gone out of print, and only good things at that. It’s one of the “if it ever comes back buy it immediately” items on my list, and I’d resigned myself to the expectation it would remain there. Seriously looking forward to shifting it to the “in my collection” category.

  10. Hi! I´m a Spanish player and I loved this game at first sight: indeed, I wrote my first review about it: (http://frikadillycircus.blogspot.com.es/2012/10/resenando-with-great-power.html)

    Are there any news about the relaunch?

  11. Was going to buy a copy for my players, and noticed that I could no longer do so. And then I see you are launching it again! Cool….any word on that?

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