A dirty trick in D&D


I’ve taking over DMing duties for our Sunday D&D game. I noticed that all of the PCs, except for two, had 2 magic items apiece. So before the last session, I had those players browse the books and choose a magic item that they wanted. I said I would put it in that day’s scenario so they could find it.

Where, exactly, did I put it? In the hands of the cultists they would be fighting, of course! Bruce’s paladin even took a critical hit from the mage wielding Carl’s Staff of Magic Missles. Bloodied him in a single blow, I think!

I wonder what dirty trick I’ll come up with for this week’s D&D game?


4 Responses to “A dirty trick in D&D”

  1. Now that’s good DMin’!

  2. That made me smile, and made a lot of sense.
    Always magic items lying about? Makes a lot more sense that if these items are so great, the enemies would use them (except for Dragons who can’t).

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