Serial Homicide Unit–Download a Demo!


The audio demo of Serial Homicide Unit is now available here.

Russell Collins, our esteemed narrator, has produced a brilliantly atmospheric and informative demo that is FULLY PLAYABLE. The recorded instructions are a bit longer than 7 minutes. They provide step-by-step instructions for playing a brief demo of Serial Homicide Unit. The demo is provided in MP3 format, and is 13.5MB. Feel free to link to this demo from wherever you think appropriate.

Try it for free. Protect the innocent. Hunt down a killer.

8 Responses to “Serial Homicide Unit–Download a Demo!”

  1. This game hits so many flags in my mind when I think about how it must play!
    What’s the average play time for the full game?

    • A full game takes about 3 hours, give or take. It’s highly replayable, since you customize details about the killer, civilians, and crimes every time you play.

  2. Hey, if someone has hearing issues, or has an issue with retaining information they hear, does the game come with a written transcript?

    • Yes. There is the printed Rules Reference Card that contains an outline of what each track covers, and it also contains a complete PDF of the script of each track.

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