Not what you normally think of as a “D&D movie dream”


I had this dream about running a variant of D&D 4th edition. Instead of fighting monsters to gain treasure and glory. You were fighting Hollywood movie executives to get your movie made and into theaters. It was like D&D meets The Player. It had classes, and all the same powers and whatnot, just reskinned for the Hollywood “development hell” setting. It had things like “I’m using Storyboard on the suit. It’s my daily power and he’s already bloody, so let’s hope I hit.” The maps were little conference rooms. In the dream, my friend Bruce, who plays D&D with us solely for the tactics, enjoyed it just as much because all the tactics and stuff. Weird.

On another note, I missed Bard’s Day again. Yesterday was Shakespeare’s 445th birthday. Four centuries ago, he was closing up his career, spending more time in Stratford. Only had a few more plays, and a few more years in him. Regardless, happy belated Bard’s Day!

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