Incarnadine Press–Sales 1st Quarter 2009


It’s been a very long time since I did this. Back in the ol’ days of 2005-2006, everyone was doing posting their sales numbers in service of the community. Nowadays, only drivingblind posts sales numbers. Since I’m at the complete other end of the spectrum from Fred, I’m going to post my numbers. In order to get a complete picture of SHU sales, I’m also including December 2008.

WGP… [PDF] WGP… [Physical] Serial Homicide Unit [Electronic] Serial Homicide Unit [Physical]
Dec 2008 0 3 5 0
Jan 2009 0 1 13 12
Feb 2009 4 2 4 13
Mar 2009 0 2 1 0

I’ve got ideas about how to mitigate that downward trend, but I haven’t been able to gather the wherewithal to make any of them happen.

How’s things in your publishing?

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