It’s GenCon Travel Day! … For Other People.


It’s the Wednesday before GenCon. For the past nine years, that has meant planning and packing and driving (and driving and driving) and hauling and rush, rush, rush! But this year we’re not going. It’s the first time since 1998 (ack! Last century!) that we’ll be reading about the big show as bystanders. I’ll miss seeing everyone, but only a little. GenCon is a heck of a lot of hassle for all its razzle-dazzle. For the most part, I’ve been relishing the fact of not having to deal with all that.

Plus, I’ve gotten to focus on some priorities nearer and dearer. For instance, teaching Dalys to drive. We’ve been working on it a few hours a week since late winter and she passed her test yesterday! I was a bundle of nerves as soon as she pulled away with the examiner, but she came back and gave me a big thumbs-up!

We’ve also been re-arranging our house in preparation to get back into foster care. I’m kind of excited to be looking after kids again. Never thought I’d say that, but it’s true.

So, my fellow non-GenCon attendees who are still reading LJ, how’s your summer?

12 Responses to “It’s GenCon Travel Day! … For Other People.”

  1. Pretty good.
    Just got back from a long vacation in a cabin in the woods on Lake Superior. Very restful and rejuvinating.
    Mo and I are still getting the house set up. Most of the major stuff is done, save getting the washer and dryer installed. We’ve a vast amount of unpacking and organizing left, but its starting to actually feel like a house.

    • I love vacations in cabins in the woods. Houses starting to feel like homes is a great thing, too. Getting used to a place is odd no matter how long you’ve lived there. We’ve just moved our bedroom from the traditional “master bedroom” down to the basement to accomodate new kids, so the bedroom doesn’t quite feel like a bedroom just yet.

  2. Yay driving!!!
    Yay taking a GenCon off!
    Our summer is going great. Do you and Kat and Dalys want to come out to the Ren Faire with us on the weekend of the 23rd?

    • Glad your summer is going so well. The weekend of the 23rd is a no-go for us. 😦 Unfortunately, we’ve already got a slew of commitments that weekend, and *may* have to cancel some of them to get the house ready for foster care inspection.
      Have fun at the Ren Faire, tho. I’ll bet your costumes are stunning.

  3. As the IPR driver this year, my hat is off to you. WOW what a trip and I’m still tired. Big time thanks to the new guy who was a fantastic riding buddy. Still 12 hours on the road is quite draining.
    CONGRATS!! to Dalys we need more responsible adults on the road.

  4. Oh, congratulations to Dalys!
    We skipped GenCon for MythCon this year. I figured that it was a good year to skip given that I’d heard the dome’s being torn down, and I have dust allergies. MythCon was lovely, and my pick for best adult fiction won the award.
    Next year, I’ll need to see what the job situation is, as I’m still hunting for one. Also, I’m getting really tired of the crappy way hotel reservations are handled, specifically not locking down a room someone’s reserving so that one can spend five minutes with the various webforms for a room that was available at the start of the process, but has vanished by the end.
    Also… GenCon is the week after WorldCon, and we have memberships for WorldCon. We shall see.

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