What to call the game?


I mentioned earlier that Serial has an image problem. People really enjoy the game once they play it, but are very reluctant to play (or playtest) it to begin with. Kat and I think we need to focus more on the police procedural aspects of gameplay when explaining the game, rather than the day-in-the-life-of-the-victim stuff.

Due to this the game also needs a new name. “Serial” also makes perfect, elegant sense AFTER you know what it is, but says nothing BEFOREHAND and isn’t esoteric enough to intrigue people into finding out more.

Plus, when spoken, makes people say “Like breakfast cereal?”

Kat did an LJ entry looking for new titles, but as we have slightly different readerships, I wanted to solicit the brian trust over here. What would be a good name for Serial? A name that says “Play this game and catch a murdering monster” but it a short, snappy way.


6 Responses to “What to call the game?”

  1. 1 Anonymous

    Hey Mike,
    I agree, Serial and Manhunt are descriptive but aren’t evocative enough to provoke interest. So here are some suggestions, with my favorites near the bottom:
    Over My Dead Body
    The Killer Strikes Again
    A Desperate Manhunt
    A Heinous Crime
    Imminent Remains
    The Marion County Law
    The Great Cases of the Marion County Detectives
    The Marion County Murders
    A City Named Suspense

  2. I suggested “Before He Strikes Again” (which I’m quite fond of) on Kat’s post, but the other suggestions make me think, albeit a bit tongue-in-cheek, of “Remains to Be Seen.”

  3. 3 tymen


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