Origins 2008–the exhausted overview


Back from Origins and super-tired. I don’t have the stamina to do a full write-up now, and work has already let me know that I won’t have the time to do one for the rest of the week. So I’ll hit the high points now and do a full write up over the holiday weekend. As always, Origins was a great, fun convention.

Some highlights:

  • Driving out and back with Kat, Dalys, and Bill was loads of fun. I finally got to win at the cow game!
  • Dalys’ birthday was at the con. Bill stood on a chair in the exhibit hall and let everyone know.
  • Got to play Serial with Clarence & Naomi. Great game where the serial killer turned out to be a contestant on America’s Next Top Model.
  • Carey, the hardcore With Great Power… fan, played in every WGP… event Kat and I ran. She brought the melodrama with a side of angst.
  • I GMed a game of Acts of Evil and didn’t really do anything evil, except maybe devour Don’s hand … but he had it coming.
  • Got to play Best Friends with Peter and Gary Atkinson, Jared and Luke. All my friends picked on me. I hate them.
  • Would you believe karaoke?
  • Peanut butter milkshakes! Mmmm.
  • More playtesting with Ralph, Luke, and Dan (?) wherein I failed to redeem a mad god.
  • Luke finishing up the publishing panel with “We’ll gladly stick around for specific questions, but we’ve talked for about an hour and forty-five minutes straight. Hope you caught the massive info-dump.” And his invisible white board.

Good times. Now, sleep and a return to real life. Yuck.


2 Responses to “Origins 2008–the exhausted overview”

  1. Thanks again for the ride, company and darn good conversation. In other news my son owns Pepper and never learned to play. We just finished 4 quick rounds so thanks again.

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