[Serial] Playtesters wanted!


I finished recording the audio files for Serial, a game of the horrors of serial murder last night. Kat and I have a bit of sound-editing and form-creation yet to finish up, but by next week at the latest, I’ll be looking for some playtesters. This will be primarily a test of the sound files + playsheets presentation of the game. We’re confident that the game itself does what we want it to do. We need to be sure that the instructional method teaches the game as well as we hope it does. Therefore, I’m only looking for people who have never played Serial before.

WHAT’S THE GAME ABOUT: Serial is a game about the impact and investigation into a serial killer’s murder spree. All players will portray potential victims of the serial killer, and also the skilled investigators attempting to bring the killer to justice. No one plays the serial killer.

WHAT’S THE SHAPE OF THE GAME: A game of Serial handles 3 to 6 players, and generally takes 2.5 to 3.5 hours–about the same as a long board game. It requires some light role-playing and imagination in the same vein as popular law enforcement dramas (CSI, Law & Order, etc.). Good for giving non-gamers a taste of role-playing.

WHAT PLAYTESTERS WOULD NEED TO DO: I would send you .mp3 files of the game instructions, and PDFs of the forms. Before you play, you’d need to print out the forms, and make sure you have the equipment set up to play the mp3’s for the entire group. Also, you’ll need writing implements and 5d6 per player. During the game, you’ll need to listen to the mp3s as they explain the game, and keep note of any points of confusion that arise.

IF YOU’RE INTERESTED, reply in the comments, or send an e-mail to my gmail account: stalwartIP


4 Responses to “[Serial] Playtesters wanted!”

  1. I’ll tag Garrett and his gaming buddies to see if they’re interested.

  2. Serial
    Let me see if I can wrassle up a posse.

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