[By The Stars] The Secret of the Stalwartian Glaive


from the Miscellania Galactica, compiled by Gase Trimagus

Based on this author’s decoded readings of the venerable Proceedings of the Eighth Stalwart Conclave, as well as other sources, both ancient and contemporary, the enigma that is the Stalwartian glaive shall now be made clear.

It is well known to all learned persons that a Stalwart’s physical prowess derives from her complete and utter self-command. While even a novice might display feats astounding to the undisciplined crowd, such as slowing of the heart, focusing of the fist-strike to shatter ferrous alloys, or leaping distances seemingly impossible within gravity wells; the powers of self-command gained by better-trained Stalwarts boggle the imaginative faculty itself.

The will of a trained Stalwart—one who has passed his Rite of Ordeal—has been so focused by his exposure to and understanding of the very energies that make interstellar travel possible, that the exercise of that will can affect the very cells and molecules of the Stalwart’s physical body. Through repeated mental exertion, the Stalwart is able to draw the very iron and carbon from her blood and flesh and shape them into the form of their glaive. Over weeks and months, these weapons grow from a seed crystal invisible to the unaided eye to the modest dirk-sized glaive of a young initiate. As years pass, a Stalwart will repair, shape, and enhance his glaive, as the weapon serves as physical symbol of the spiritual path the Stalwart has traveled. It is not unknown for accomplished master Stalwarts to wield glaives taller than their own bodies.

As for the seemingly miraculous relationship repeated observed between Stalwarts and their glaives, its dynamic spark lies in the method of glaive craftsmanship divulged above. A Stalwart’s glaive is sprung from her own body through application of unyielding will and Interstellar energies. Even after it is forged, on a spiritual level, it remains a part of the Stalwart’s body–still subject to his will, still connected to the quickening of life within his veins. Thus, summoning a fallen glaive to hand is as simple as matter as raising a hand in celebration.

This, of course, is but the least of the mysteries of the Stalwarts. In my own travels, my own senses have beheld no less than—

Remainder of Fragment Irrevocably Datacorrupt


14 Responses to “[By The Stars] The Secret of the Stalwartian Glaive”

  1. Love the datacorrupt.
    Sounds good, man. Scientifiction Jedi.

    • Thanks. I’m enjoying format–making up fictional “historical” sources. It’s one way to put all those history books I read in grad school to use.
      Of course, the format is hardly original. Let’s just hope Oghma son of Oghma doesn’t have a good Intellectual Property attorney on Marr’d. 😉

  2. Translation from the apocryphal datalogs of Blancadrin, Fallen Stalwart…
    “… and as my soul blackens, a darkening shroud of anger falling about my eyes, each day drives me to torment and convinces me further of the futility of hope, shadowy flames engulfing the light that once was my solace. I welcome the coming inferno. Soon I will be unable to pass among my brethren as my glaive has begun to manifest the first signs of my fall, the crimson had begun to bleed to black and the once purifying flames now dancing in baleful fury along its length. Even the haft has warped, but while crooked in appearance, it fits my hand closer than ever, always an extention of me, my will and my strength…”
    Transcribed by Trys Strykker, Novice

    • Cool. Thanks for writing that. I’d say that single paragraph was cooler than the entirety of Revenge of the Sith.
      Not saying much, but still… 😉

      • I wasn’t sure it would apply, but it just seemed to follow from what you originally offered. Of course the meta questions that come to mind, most if not all of which I’m sure you’re considering already, include:
        How does the damage/destruction of a glaive impact it’s Stalwart?
        Would forced seperation, if such a thing is possible, weaken a Stalwart?
        What happens to the glaive when a Stalwart dies?
        Taboos? (Ala daemon touching in His Dark Materials)
        If I’m being too pushy, let me know…

        • Not too pushy at all. Certainly things I need to consider. I appreciate the help, as setting-stuff is not my strong suit. I’ll make a note to touch on these in future posts. Thanks!

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