Am I really THAT caffiene-deprived?


I never developed a taste for coffee. (UnAmerican of me, I know.) But every now and then I’ll have a crappy night’s sleep and need a caffiene-boost. Sodas laden with high fructose corn syrup or artificial sweeteners threaten to aggrevate my gout, so I picked up some chocolate-covered coffee beans. I can eat one of them and get rid of the flavor with a piece of gum, and in 20 minutes or so, I can feel my heart speed up and my eyes open wider. Mission accomplished.

Today, I look at the lables. One of the “Shock-a-lots” packages claims “Caffeine equivalent: about 2+ cups of coffee.” The Starbucks box says “Serving size: 40 pieces” They expect you to eat FORTY of these things at a time? Is that like the equivalent of 80+ cups of coffee? Is my caffiene tolerance so low?

There’s my love-hate relationship with caffiene. What’s yours?

4 Responses to “Am I really THAT caffiene-deprived?”

  1. My relationship with coffee is pure love. It’s my favorite beverage. I don’t drink it for the caffeine but the flavor. If I’m not drinking coffee, I’m drinking tea or water.
    Still, 80 cups of coffee is, perhaps, excessive.

  2. Ouch! I’d think forty of those things would kill you! :0
    I’ve always found that excess caffeine seems to make me sleepy and unfocused and kinda jittery all at the same time. Like now for instance! I don’t drink coffee often, but i’m a big drinker of plain teas. Usually i leave them pretty weak – a teaspoon of leaves in a pot – but today i dumped the last of a tin i wanted to empty out into the pot. Even running it twice, to make two pots, i’m fairly certain that it is strong enough to qualify as an expresso…

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