Why does Mu have no name list?


So I’m just starting up a Dictionary of Mu game over IRC, and in guiding my players through charcter creation, I want to give them examples of names to use. So I flip through the book, and there’s TONS of place-names, and approx. 3 people-names. IIRC, there’s the omnipresent Oghma son of Oghma, Nimrote, the Tsarina of the Nines, and a demon in the “A” section. Everyone else has titles: “The Primite Prince” “The Damsel Messiah” “The Kid with the Rock” “The Jarl of Spiders”

Should I just tell my players to make titles? Or just choose whatever names float their boat and go from there?


8 Responses to “Why does Mu have no name list?”

  1. Hm, good one, Michael.
    I went with Old Testament Biblical names when I played, the weirder, the better.

  2. I’ve been thinking of our two characters as The Archivist and The Scion… but i’m picky about names… 😉

  3. 3 Anonymous

    The text mentions that knowing someone’s name is a method of controlling that person; perhaps it’s common on Mu to choose an epithet for everyday use rather than your real name?
    Perhaps if a sorcerer knows your real name, the sorcerer can use Hypnosis (ala Sorcery & Sword) to command you.
    Mike, if your game is meeting on an amenable schedule, I’d be glad for a chance to play – feel free to PM me through the Forge if you’re looking for extra bodies.
    –James Nostack

  4. We used a lot of Egyptian-like names: Kahumet, Uryd, Thoth, Apep and Abdelmalek. Plus a couple others such as Sorcha and The Silverback.
    Our brief campaign notes are here: http://games.groups.yahoo.com/group/BlackRockRising/messages?o=1

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