By The Stars — The Jump to Lightspeed — Week Thirty-Two


We did it! We playtested By The Stars for the first time yesterday. My most heartfelt thanks to Kat, Bruce, Bill, Michele, Stefan, Don, and Jo for taking a chance, helping me out, and having a fun time in the process.

Yes, that’s right. Not only did the playtest happen, and not only was it successful, it was also fun! I have pages of notes in my cramped little handwriting for mistakes that were made, ways to fix them, suggestions for improving the game overall. It was the best session I’ve played in a long time.

From a story standpoint, the resource-rich, gas giant planet Illyria was thoroughly conquered by the forces of the Singularity, killing the rebellious Prince in the process. The Singularity Admiral died in making this, her greatest victory, possible. Her son, the hotshot pilot, ran off to find his own way enlightment. The Stalwart of the Glaive (my space knights), his reputation tarnished, went his own way. The former Singularity Overlord, the Illyrian Princess, and the first Self-Aware Robot joined the crew of the fearsome Space Pirate in search of freedom, adventure, and booty!

I’ve got lots of revision to do between now and the second playtest on April 22. But the basic token-trading system has a lot of promise and the game is well on its way to something great.


8 Responses to “By The Stars — The Jump to Lightspeed — Week Thirty-Two”

  1. 1 Anonymous

    Yay! Awesome news. Congratulations. Can’t wait to give it a whirl!

  2. To your credit, the game felt more developed then I would expect for a first playtest. We were able to test drive the whole game not just selected pieces and that was great. It was closer to cracking open that new game, punching out the pieces and playing then critiquing and outline and notes.
    Thanks for including me and nice job.

  3. It was a lot more fun than i expected from a playtest – thanks, again, for inviting me!
    – Stefan

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