Oops! and Surreality


The Dreamation Master Schedule is up!

It seems I’m scheduled to run By The Stars on Friday at 2pm. Problem is, I packed the game up in an unfinished state and forgot to cancel the Dreamation session. I suppose I’ll just run the Sorcerer game I ran at Southern Exposure and hope no one shows.


The alarm woke me from a strange dream. A whole bunch of us indie-folk were going out for Thai food at a convention. I think it was a dream-facsimile of The King and I restaurant in Milwaulkee. There was a very long wait to get everyone seated, because they were seating 3-4 people from our group at a time. When we finally got seated, Kat and Dalys were down at the end of a table, next to Keith Senkowski. There were no more chairs on the end, so Kat suggested I sit closer to the middle of the table, next to Luke Crane. Next bit of the dream I remember is me hanging out in the vestibule of the restaurant until my food arrives, listening to my MP3 player. A local friend who’s not terribly fond of the indie scene kept bothering me with stupid questions while I waited.

Whatever the dream meant, I woke up feeling melancholy.

4 Responses to “Oops! and Surreality”

  1. i think a bunch of team NYC signed up for that game. i think i would happily play sorceror, or we can use the time to kick your butt into gear to continue with “by the stars” (aka Thor Olavsrud pep-talk).

    • Hi, Mayuran.
      Glad you’ll be there. And if Thor can give a magic pep-talk that will get players to my table at home, I’m all for it!

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