By The Stars Confession–Week Sixteen


I had a bit of a stomach bug this weekend, but it’s still been a banner week.

Forgive me, By The Stars, I have been sick. It’s been seven days since my last confession.

The first playtest has been scheduled! On December 15th we’ll start beating on the system in earnest. And what a system it’s shaping up to be!

Rather than skills, I’m compiling a list of sci-fi tropes (robots, interplanetary travel, psychic powers, etc.). Each character gets 3 tropes, one of which is his primary trope. That player is final authority over what exists in the game world related to that trope.

The conflict resolution mini-game involves capturing one another’s dice. So, after the conflict, I’ve got a pile of your dice (each die linked to one of your Oaths) and you’ve got a pile of mine. What next? Well, we each need to play out scenes to reclaim our dice. The best part about this is that it requires the game to start in media res–you start with a conflict and play it out from there!

I’ve got a pile of writing and thinking and designing to do. I’ll see you in 7!


2 Responses to “By The Stars Confession–Week Sixteen”

  1. Wow, sounds very cool. I can’t wait for a playtest spin! 😉

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