Foresworn Confessions — Week Six


Work is bad. What else is new? Several poor nights’ sleep have also taken their toll. Although it’s not progressing fast, it is progressing.

Forgive me, Foresworn, for I am a snail. It has been one week since my last confession.

My goal for the previous week was:

  • Write up a five-character space opera scenario. Don’t worry about game stats nearly as much as conflict-rich possibilities and interrelationships.

I have indeed sketched out 5 character concepts in a plot pulled right out of The Maltese Falcon. I ran them past Kat and she infused them with her trademark dramatic punch.

I appealed to Paul Czege, the patron saint of emotional mechanics, for some suggestions on my emotional mechanics. I don’t quite have a playtestable framework, but I have a plan for that framework, so I’m happy with that. I’m scheduled to run the game in six days. So, I’ve got only one goal for next week:

  • Be ready to run the playtest at Southern Exposure. If folks actually show up, run it.

Doesn’t that look so simple? Sixteen words. How hard can it be? Well, in order to do that, I need:

  • Five character sheets, plus NPCs.
  • An overview of the system, as specific as possible.
  • A self-test of said system.

It will be quite a week. And work will be heinous this week as well. But no one ever said doing what you love would be easy, right?


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