Foresworn Confessions — Week Five


The project at work that was keeping me there so long a few weeks ago returned on Wednesday demanding tribute in the form of hours. It’s supposed to be back for 3 days of the coming week, also. I’m not exactly swimming in time these days. Thus:

Forgive me, Foresworn, for I have slipped. It’s been one week since my last confession.

My goals for the previous week were:

  • Have a skeleton of the game, no matter how rough, ready to playtest with Kat & Michele.

That was a fairly ambitious goal. It didn’t quite happen. However, I did make a first version of a character sheet, just to organize my ideas about inputs into the resolution system. Like all my early-draft character sheets, it’s ugly with a capital “Ugh,” but it will serve for now.

I had some cool ideas about streamlining setting creation with character creation. I’m thinking about having a massive list of every skill I can think of possibly appropriate for a space opera game. The players and GM all choose the skills they like. All the other skills are not used in the game. They do not exist within the game world. For instance, if no one chooses “Personal Force Field Use” skill, then there are no Dune-style personal force fields.

I have rough idea of how I want things to work, resolution-wise. I chatted a bit about them with Kat and will get her to playtest it with me later in the week when she’s (hopefully) over her sinus infection.

However, I also have less than 2 weeks until that Southern Exposure game! While it’s highly likely that no one will show up, I still need to be prepared. That’s the whole point of signing up to run a convention event this early in the playtest stage! This leads me to my goal for the coming week:

  • Write up a five-character space opera scenario. Don’t worry about game stats nearly as much as conflict-rich possibilities and interrelationships.

I’ve been focusing rather exclusively on high-level, abstract systems and space-opera in general. Perhaps specifics will be helpful. That’s all for tonight. See you in 7!


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