3006 2nd Quarter Sales


It’s that time of year again. Let’s cut right to the ugly-colored bar graph (the true mark of the amateur):

A pretty good quarter, all told. June would have been pretty weak had I not gone to Origins, though. Not too bad even if I haven’t yet taken Thor’s excellent advice. We’re working on it, honestly! Would The Stalwart lie to you?

The ever-foul-mouthed Keith Senkowski has posted the 2nd Quarter numbers for Conspiracy of Shadows, but I don’t know how to do a direct link with his new setup, so you’ll just have to manually look up the entry for July 19, 2006.

8 Responses to “3006 2nd Quarter Sales”

  1. Glad to see Origins did well for you, Michael – is there any correlation between sales and AP threads (at the Forge or RPG.net or wherever) that you’ve observed?

    • What the Limey Queen said. Seen any trends in your sales? I’ve noticed mine come at the beginning or the end of the month… Never the middle it seems.

    • Trends? Analysis? What do you think I am, a businessman?
      Honestly, I barely know what to look for, but I’ll take a peek when I get a few minutes. Part of the problem is the dearth of AP threads for WGP… IIRC, there was Thor’s Vigiles game this fall on nerdNYC, and my (unflattering) “2-fisted Prez balks” thread after Dreamation. I think that’s it on the forums. Kat just posted a new one on the Forge last night, so we’ll see about that in October.
      There’s also the Grand Experiment, a fusion of WGP… and M&M, but that’s only on LJ, so I doubt it gets much notice.
      If anyone knows of AP I missed, let me know.

      • Interesting. I’m thinking, of course, about Thor’s recent post on scenarios, and the uptick in sales that a flame war or actual play post may or may not generate. I’m pretty sure they do increase sales, but would love to see a correlation that nailed my gut feeling.
        Happily, I think there’s a clear distinction between good AP and overt shilling.

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