A funny thing happend this morning…


My normal morning routine is: Alarm rings @ 5:20 AM. I pull on sweats and sneaks and walk the dog. Get back a bit before 6, shower & start the day.

This morning I rolled out of bed, Pull on sweats and sneaks. I let the dog out of Daly’s room and take her out. I feel completely exhausted, like I barely got any sleep. What a way to start the weekend I think.

Ginger’s walking slower than normal. I don’t pay it much attention. I don’t see the paperboy like normal, but I don’t pay that much heed either. God, I’m tired.

Upon returning from our walk, I glance at the wall clock in the dining room. 1:56 AM My first thought: Damn! I’m going to have to change the battery in that clock!

My cell phone confirms that, yes, it isn’t quite 2 in the morning yet, and now I’ve got to find someway to get back to sleep now that my heart’s all pumped up for the day.

* * *

Funny thing is, even though I’m tired today, my brain is a-jumpin’ with game ideas. Does anyone else find a correlation between mild sleep deprivation and creativity?

10 Responses to “A funny thing happend this morning…”

  1. Mo does. IF she wakes up in the middle of a dream, the dream becomes a game.

  2. I get my best work done right after I get up in the morning.

  3. I’m like . I get all my coolest ideas right after I wake up. Sometimes I lay in bed in a half-asleep state and just invent. The coolest stuff happens then or when I’m feeling trancey in a hot shower.
    The trick is remembering it. The sleepiness factor makes me less likely to remember the cool stuff I invented. I need to wake up and focus my brain to record the info mentally or on paper. The challenge is that I’m often rushing around to get to work on time because I spent an extra half hour daydreaming in bed. Rushing around means not recording.

  4. The hard work of an imaginative endeavor, be it a game idea or a story comes when I am wide awake but that first break-through moment usually comes when I have been up all night, a sleepless ritual that I partake of once or twice a month or so.
    Yes, it is a form of altering one’s consciousness and I dig it more than drugs or alchohol and I like sleep too damned much to be addicted to staying up all night.
    The trick for me is waking up with fresh eyes, looking at what you did and finding the valuable stuff in the muck.

  5. Tara’s best ideas normally happen when she’s a little over-tired and the filters in her head start shutting down. It’s part of the reason that people always used to blame me for the evil that was her GMing when we tag-teamed… She never looked that crazy. She’s just the one playing the NPC voices.

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