1st Quarter 2006 Sales


It’s that time again. Spring has sprung and Sales Data is thick in the air. Actually, not quite so thick as once it was. So far, I’ve only seen Keith’s sales for Conspiracy of Shadows. That’s alright, though. Here’s my picture with ugly (but highly-contrasting) colors:

sales graph

The green in January is Dreamation, where WGP… did very well for itself. You’ll notice a new ugly color this time: Magenta for PDF sales. They’re slow and steady, but I kinda like ’em. I might just have to sign up with RPGnow. The mixed-green in March is ICON, which I did not attend, but Luke & Tony moved 2 copies anyway. Thanks, Luke & Tony!

I don’t do nearly as much promotion as I probably should. I answer questions on my forum. Help show people how to play. Run the game at a handful of conventions. My online presence is tiny. But good word-of-mouth about a well-crafted, fun game seems to carry itself. Over in This is My Blog, Ben sums up a great many years of hard-won indie publishing wisdom. I think I’m a living example of that stuff in practice.


4 Responses to “1st Quarter 2006 Sales”

  1. Yay for WGP!
    The reason I don’t post my numbers is I don’t have good graphic software.

  2. 2 Anonymous

    Thanks for sharing this data, man. Every little bit gives those of us that are yet unpublished a little more resolve to keep at it.
    -Eric Provost

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