Do I get a poofy hat?


Well, I did it. I finished my entry for the 2006 Game Chef Contest. It’s a game called Play Right! (title is Kat’s ’cause I haven’t named any of my own games since Discernment). It’s a heavily-Universalis-inspired story manipulation game. Situation-first. Lots of bidding glass beads and rolling dice. And drama. Dear God, I hope, drama. As is par for the course for me, it’s got no Color or Setting. And I kinda really wanted to write Color and Setting for my Game Chef game.

BUT, I had over 55 hours of work this week, and a number of family commitments. The Revolutionary War game that I started needed too much research for the lack of time I had. And Color and Setting just don’t excite me {shrug}.

In any case. I did it. I finished a game in all of 27 hours from initial concept to submission, actually. Next stop: 2 weeks of reviewing other folks’ games.

EDIT: Here’s a link to the PDF. I feel like my rough draft is showing!

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