And Oh, What a Lucky Man He Was


Anyone who’s been on the receiving end of that ambrosia called With Great Chili… knows that I’m a lucky man. Anyone who’s gamed with Kat, chatted with her, or read her stories or her insightful LiveJournal knows how fortunate I am have such an intellegent, creative woman by my side.

Yesterday, she went above and beyond.

Shortly before Dreamation, I learned that you didn’t need to be a member of GAMA to enter the Origins Awards, and that the deadline was January 31. I had a few extra copies that I could submit, so I figured I’d do it. Nothing ventured, nothing gained, right?

However, both before Dreamation and afterward, I’ve been slammed with overtime. I spent the better part of the weekend in the office. I’ve been coming home drained & cranky. On Monday, the day before the deadline, I just plain didn’t have the gumption to get together all the niggling little stuff they wanted for the application packet. I figured I could pull an all-nighter to enter an award that I had no real chance of winning, or get some sleep before the next long day of work. I picked the sleep.

At work yesterday, Kat calls and says, “Do you have any company letterhead or do I have to make some?”

“Why? Are you doing the Origins Awards?”

“Yes.” Wow. That’s love. She got the entry packet to the post office 8 minutes before they closed.

Isn’t she the greatest?

8 Responses to “And Oh, What a Lucky Man He Was”

  1. Very lucky.
    I missed the Origins awards. Ah, well, at least I still qualify for the Indies and the DJA.

  2. Meeting Kat was one of the highlights of Dreamation for me, so colour me unsurprised!

  3. and this is why I’m lucky!
    I’m all a glow today. Thanks.

  4. Yay! I know what I’m voting for in the People’s Choice! 🙂

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