Dreamation’s nearly upon us!


Lest I be hypocritical, I want everyone to know that I’ll be at Dreamation 2006 this coming weekend, January 20, 21, and 22. I’ll be part of the Indie RPG Explosion. I’ll be running a new With Great Power… event called “They Came From Beyond!” It’s a thematic crossover with Tony Lower-Basch’s Capes tournament. We’re both dealing with world-shattering invasions from beyond. Play in both to experience the strengths of both games.

I’m also nominally in charge of the Room Party. If you’re reading this, you’re invited. If you’d like to bring something, Let Me Know!

6 Responses to “Dreamation’s nearly upon us!”

  1. Stalwart, indeed.
    Mike, thanks for organising the Indie RPG Explosion. I have honestly never had such a dense, intense and satisfying gaming experience ever. Totally awesome.
    Thanks also for running “They Came From Beyond!” (and got their ugly alien asses kicked right back there), which was both a great illustration of your devastatingly good game, and a seriously good time. I cannot express how delighted I was when you revealed your final stakes for Mnemonic, I was so tempted to yield!
    – Alexander

    • Re: Stalwart, indeed.
      It was great to play with you, too, Alexander. On the way home, Kat, Michele & I were discussing what we had played with whom. I mentioned that you were in the MLwM game with me. They both said, “Oooh, he’s good.”
      Glad you liked “They Came From Beyond!” Y’know, nothing shows one’s appreciation like an AP post on a public forum . Even a short one.
      I’ve actually got one brewing about the climax of that game, but I might not have time until the weekend.

      • Re: Stalwart, indeed.
        The game of TSoY I played with Kat and Michele was great – it was so nice to be at a table with players that were new to me and riff off each others’ stakes in such a good way.
        I would be very interested to hear your perspective of the endgame, too. I am working on AP for Keith about the CoS game we played at BWHQ before the con, while he writes up the same scenario at the con – I played in both. They were very different. If I finish before the weekend, I will start on the games I played in sequence, so With Great Power… would be first up.

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