This year’s Indie RPG Explosion


Here’s a thought on how the Indie RPG Explosion at GenCon might work:

What if, in addition to any scheduled games people want to run, we schedule an open table in each and every timeslot? We make sure there is at least someone there at the table and that they have *some* game ready to run. Then, this table becomes something of a mini-staging area. Players that show up can hand in their generic tickets and either (A) play in whatever the scheduled GM has prepped, or (B) break off into another game at a different table.

I’m even thinking that there could be a forum where interested players & GMs could coordinate their meetings.

We ask GenCon to plan for overflow from the scheduled game. We agree to collect generics from everyone playing in the room. Everbody’s happy.

I’ll be sure to talk with people about this at Dreamation, then run it past the Forge, then propose it to GenCon.

6 Responses to “This year’s Indie RPG Explosion”

  1. I think that would be great.
    I have had a similar thought, but with hubris born of my inexperience, and an open gaming table.
    – Alexander

  2. I also think this is a great solution. Especially if it gets talked about at the booth. It’ll be great for those games which demo better in longer time slots.

  3. I talked with Thor about an idea very much like this last year after Gen Con.
    I think its a nifty idea.

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