And if they all jumped off a bridge…


It’s January and sales data is thick in the air. Here’s a smattering I’ve found:

My sales for With Great Power… since the release of the Full Edition at GenCon in August looks like this:

WGP... 2005 Sales Data

Almost half the year’s sales in the first month, but GenCon skews this pretty badly. I had no conventions in November or December, but IPR made some solid retailer orders. Online orders were up in December, but that was part of the Christmas rush.

Of course, Brennan has reminded me that I would have sold more to individuals and a good deal more to retailers if I had managed to keep the game in stock throughout December. That’s something to be certain to avoid in the future.

Sales were not nearly as bad as I was whining about last week. I originally said that I wanted to sell (and work) 10% as much as Luke. Well, Luke sold out the 1,500 copy first print run of BW Revised in about 5 months, so I’m on target so far. But keeping up will take some work.

2 Responses to “And if they all jumped off a bridge…”

  1. Those are some good numbers hoss. Good news.

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