So, I made a pilgrammage to The City this weekend to impose on the hospitality of Luke Crane. It was a great time. Hung out with him and Dro and Thor. Got far too little sleep (I miss my ability to sleep in).

Ran a session of With Great Power… The game is sound enough to please someone who’s looking for an excuse not to like it (one of Luke’s friends) and also someone who isn’t generally fond of superheroes (Luke). It went quite well.

I also playtested the latest BW convention game. “Inheritance” is the strongest game yet, I think. Vikings dealing with the death of their grandfather. Very cool. I got to play the hot ingenue that everyone wanted to marry.

Talked about a bazillion things. Got some of my own hypocracy exposed, i.e., I give other people great advice on how to promote their games but don’t follow it for WGP. That’s what friends are for.

All in all, a great weekend. Much thanks to Luke, Thor, Dro, and all the folks I played with.


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  1. I’ve heard a little about Inheritance and I know Luke wants a lid on it but how did WGP go for the NYC crew?

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